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S55 GTS/CS Flashes

S55 GTS/CS Flashes

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BMW GTS/CS Performance Flashes: Unleash Your Ultimate Driving Machine
Elevate your BMW driving experience with our exclusive GTS/CS Performance Flashes, designed to unlock the true potential of your vehicle. These specialized flashes bring the coveted M4 GTS/CS performance characteristics to your BMW, enhancing its agility, control, and responsiveness for a truly exhilarating ride.


  • M4 CS/GTS DCT Flash: Experience smoother gear changes, reduced kangaroo effects, and improved Sports/Sports+ modes with this advanced flash. Competition pack cars will enjoy M4 GTS/CS-style burbles for a thrilling auditory experience.
  • CS/GTS Electronic Power Steering: Upgrade your vehicle's handling with this performance flash, providing a stiffer steering feel and more advanced power assist. Experience improved control and precision, allowing you to tackle every corner with confidence.
  • CS/GTS Traction Control: Unlock the perfect balance of power and control with this flash, offering increased slip in MDM mode for better traction management and drift capabilities. Enjoy enhanced performance without sacrificing safety or stability.
  • CS/GTS Rear Differential: Improve your vehicle's take-off, cornering, and stability with this rear differential upgrade. The enhanced performance will allow you to push your BMW to its limits while maintaining exceptional control and responsiveness.

  • Transform your BMW into a true performance machine with our GTS/CS Performance Flashes, and experience the thrill of driving an M4 GTS/CS every time you hit the road. Embrace the power, control, and excitement of the ultimate driving machine with these expertly-crafted upgrades.


    2014+ F82/F83 BMW M4/M4 Competition
    2014+ F80 BMW M3/M3 Competition
    2016+ F87 BMW M2
    2018+ F87 BMW M2 Competition

    Install Prerequisites

    Mobile install appointments are available around the Scottish Central Belt only and we will be in touch to schedule shortly after purchase. Remote appointments need to meet the following to ensure a smooth and successful installation of the GTS/CS Performance flashes:

    • A Windows laptop running at least Windows 8.
    • A BMW OBD2 ENET Cable is required to establish a connection between your vehicle and the laptop during the installation. These are inexpensive and can be purchased HERE.
    • A stable wireless internet connection to enable smooth communication between your laptop and our servers.


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