Q. Where are you based? 
A. We are located just outside of Edinburgh in Scotland, however we can offer a worldwide remote service for the majority of our services. 

Q. How do you perform your remote appointments?
A. We use an industry-leading remote access tool called 'TeamViewer' to connect to your Windows laptop. We then forward the connection you've established across a dedicated and secured VPN for us to perform work on the car without the need for you to install any other tools. We've prepared an instructional video to help you install TeamViewer prior to any appointment, which you can find here

Q. What equipment do I need for a remote appointment?
For our remote appointments you will generally only require you to have a Windows laptop (Windows 8 or above) and a BMW ENET ODB2 cable, which are inexpensive and available on Amazon. Apple Mac's are not currently supported for our remote services.