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Business Nav CarPlay Activation

Business Nav CarPlay Activation

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This service is designed to unlock Apple CarPlay on vehicles with the Business Navigation (606) option on vehicles made after the second Life Cycle Increment (LCI2) of the F series cars (mid 2017 onwards). This includes all vehicles with iDrive 6 Business Navigations from factory. 


To ensure a seamless installation of Apple CarPlay, please make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • A Windows laptop running at least Windows 8.
  • A BMW OBD2 ENET Cable is required to establish a connection between your vehicle and the laptop during the installation. These are inexpensive and can be purchased HERE.
  • A stable wireless internet connection to enable smooth communication between your laptop and our servers.
  • Compatible iDrive Version: Your iDrive should be equipped with the EntryNavEVO/EntryNav2 iDrive 6 Business Navigation systems. 
  • A WiFi antenna installed in the car. Vehicles with the 'Telephony with wireless charging (6NW)' or 'WLAN HotSpot (6WD)' options will already have this. You can type your VIN in to a BMW VIN decoder to check this yourself. Feel free to reach out to us if you need this confirming prior to ordering though.
  • Some cars are fitted with a physical variant of the head units which do not include a WiFi antenna port. In these instances this service is not available. Get in touch and we can confirm prior to purchase.

Install Procedure

  • Submit the order and include your vehicle VIN in the order notes. Orders with no VIN will be delayed as we require this to setup the activation files for the car. 
  • We will review your vehicle's compatibility and send out installation instructions via email for remote appointments, usually within the hour during UK business hours.
  • For physical appointments we will be in touch to arrange a mutually convenient time and place for the installation. 

Please be aware that once the activation email has been sent or appointment arranged refunds are not available with this product, as the activation files are bound to the vehicles VIN at this stage.

Secure Payments

Your Data security & privacy is our priority. Pay securely through 128 bit encrypted payment gateway. We support credit cards, net banking and debits cards.
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